Tuesday, June 17

"to take the body seriously

"is to admit one can suffer."

From the Tao Te Ching.

Seems relevant to training for ultimate somehow to me.

Then again, that has always been the beauty of reading this particular book. Almost a way to gain insight by using a different lens to view the same things you've thought about every day. This time around, it is ultimate.
In other news, the pike season is starting to take shape. A lot of new faces and old faces in new places. I am really excited about the way it is shaping up, but it is not at all what i would have predicted even as recently as a week ago, let alone when accepted the role of "captain" with Tim (who has since injured his knee and is fully expected to miss the entirety of the 08 campaign).

We've got vets, we've got youth, we've got serious untapped potential in both. We've got parts that fit together already, and we've got parts that should fit together once they get together on the field often enough. We've got decisions yet to make, and the team is not yet completely defined, but we're on the right path.

I can't wait for practice this weekend and the Boston Invite next weekend.

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Tuesday, June 3

for the record

i'm not against physical play in ultimate...

but the rules are pretty squarely against it.

From there, we make our choices, not the other way round.

I'm no angel on the field. Just ask the teams I've been on that have split up good versus evil at practice... or tournaments.

Also, fine but important line between physical and intentional fouling. This is where *most* sports lie *most* of the time. Just like ours.

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