Friday, February 25

KK24 pt 1.

With a self-imposed media blackout on KK23 lifted,

we'll probably ramble from year to year in this post.

Although, not necessarily. The problem is more that I can't tell the years apart any longer. Though, I can tell the shirts apart: Last year? Inexplicably heavyweight green 5ultimate jerseys that were too large for everyone. This year? Inexplicably "stuck in customs" blue VCUltimate jerseys. I still haven't seen them. I thought the mock-ups were sweet.

We (Amy and I) went to Maui on Feb 7. We did things like take the Road to Hana, attend an open bar luau (and activate our tourist/cultural second guessing), break fast at Kihei Caffe, drink literally over a gallon of maitai during happy hour at Life's a Beach, camp at Hosmer's Grove, see sunrise(s)/sunset at Haleakala, hike along coastal lava trails, drink Maui Rum, camp at Waianapanapa State Park, go to Kaihalulu (red sand), Hamoa (grae sand), Waianapanapa (black sand), Koki (chocolate sand) and other beaches (forgive my not using semicolon/comma correctness), find somewhat hidden beaches, watch college basketball at 9am, drive from Hana to Kipahulu IN THE DARK, listen to Johnny Depp y otro bloke read Keif Richards, visit surfing goats, drink too much Maui coffee, blame Laird, hike in the not-a-crater, drink white wine w/ poke, make citrus-multi-rum punch, eat macadamia nuts like nuts, meet Glenn the CocoNut, drink lots of Maui Brewco Beer (CoConut Porter is the tops, Big Swell is decent, Bikini Blonde is solid but is a Helles Lager... so there isn't much to say), drink Grandma's Coffee, and more.

At some point (Wednesday?) we realized we had to get to Oahu. Then we had to pick up some co-conspirators (Namely Mr. Contarsy and Crider) in Honolulu. We drank kava, and then hit the town to drink "real drinks" until Philthy and Phine joined us. Something about Maddog's was all wrong, but so much was alright. Then the long walk home. The next day (Friday) we exactly didn't get to the Arizona Memorial (mostly my fault), but exactly did get to the Kona Brewpub just as the 88 high school(!) kids showed up on a band trip. Seriously, who goes to a brew pub as a part of a High School band trip? I hope you enjoyed the rootbeer, fuckers. And our seats. We saw lotsa sluglums (incl Philthy deserters TP&Busty), parts of Philthy and Phine, and learned that our crew of 4 Escapees would grow to 6 as Crider recovered her roommate "Gunshow" and pal Taryn (of Smoke Fire Higher Lower) from HNL while Brandon drank every beer on the menu (over 16 beers, for sure) and I had much stout and barleywine. The cardrive was left to the sobershow as the backseat had bourbon.

This is where the night turned. We got to the place, set up the tent, broke my sandals via walking, had more beer, failed to register, and...? Sounds like a standard Friday night at Kaimana to me!

(pt 2 in the future. including the consequences for m/your actions.)

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