Wednesday, December 12

Pike Future

So, now I’m one of the co-captains of Pike.

The team nominated and voted and all of that and now the captains are me and Tim Johnson.

This will, no doubt, change the nature of this blog. In some ways it’ll let me talk about new stuff, in other ways, it might could restrict the sort of thing that I used to talk about freely. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll play it by ear, but I’d be surprised if this doesn’t change what is written here. Not that I’m ever truly lucid here anyway.

It will also change the nature of me, Pike, Tim Johnson, and any number of other things that I haven’t yet considered. Though for now, I won’t get into that.

If you’re interested in how I feel about it, I’m ecstatic. Truly. I find that when I’m in a position of leadership, I hold myself to a much higher standard and I play better, harder and have more fun. I plan to work to make Pike better every day.

If you or anyone you know is interested in trying out for Pike 08, let me (or Tim Johnson) know!

Oh yeah… I might write a bit about Ultimax. I might not. That was a crazy trip.


John said...

congratulations, i've been waiting for the ultimax post for a week.

dusty.rhodes said...

been busy-- had a lot of people to bribe to get to where i am.

Anonymous said...

What happened to dono and heckman? any other vets not coming back for pike 08?

dusty.rhodes said...

Dono and Heckman both felt, for different individual reasons, that they were no longer the right men for the jobs.

As for other vets, it isn't really my place to speculate/propagate. You should direct your questions to either the agents of the players in question or the players themselves.

Mackey said...


gapoole said...

Congratulations. Hopefully, you won't feel too restricted in posting--I like what you got going on here. Not that I'm kissing ass, of course.

Incidentally, I would like to try out this spring.

dusty.rhodes said...

Believe me, once details are known about anything Pike-related worth announcing, it'll be here. unless we come up with somewheres better to put it... then it will be linked to from here.

J said...