Friday, May 2

got my metrocard...

from my colombian coworker who got it from some mexican tourists...

and my ultimate bag with sleeping bag/pad (so it is a little large).

I must be going to Live Logic.

Have plane tickets, rental car info and directions to relevant places.

Have a small team, but that's great for the guys looking for experience. Both in new roles and with new teammates and all of that. Opportunities to play against Nationals-levels teams are worth it for players trying to expand their club games or just learn what the club game really is. Everyone knows Bravo, Goat and DW bring it, and I think we may have had a tight one with Grit last year taboot. Should be a blast.

Hope we rise to our team and individual challenges this weekend!

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Will Reed said...

Yall better bring it... I'm literally swimming in a pool of my own tears that I can't be there.