Tuesday, June 3

for the record

i'm not against physical play in ultimate...

but the rules are pretty squarely against it.

From there, we make our choices, not the other way round.

I'm no angel on the field. Just ask the teams I've been on that have split up good versus evil at practice... or tournaments.

Also, fine but important line between physical and intentional fouling. This is where *most* sports lie *most* of the time. Just like ours.

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ryanpvance said...

Hey Dusty,

I enjoyed your RSD posts and agree with you here. I think there is a big distinction between physical jostling in the stack or cutting where people are in constant motion vying for position and on the mark where one person is forced to be stationary.

I just wanted to add those specific .02. If you want to disagree, I suggest forcing our rookies into a ultimate sundae speed contest at CUT this weekend to determine the matter once and for all.

Ryan Vance
Medicine Men #11
(Sorry if this double posted)