Sunday, July 20

can you?

i can feel it starting.

even sitting here waiting for a plane to take me to the great midwest, i can feel it.

i can smell the august coming.
the long days of practice.
the interminable tournaments.

the rush.
the pressure.
amp it up amp it up,
we're gonna be rolling now, boys.

one last trip through the fun in the sand,
case of pbr in hand (i'm told) before the grass is all i know.
the grass and the pavement and the track and the stairs.
(these are the spaces that make other spaces possible
(these are the moments i give to get the moments i take
(this is where i am and where i'll still be for a while i see)

changes gotta change
shooters gotta shoot

i can feel it coming
a rumble brewing
in the distance

more than it was last time
more like it was once upon
challenge challenge
steel yourself for this
or let another grain of sand
slip slip slip
on on on
down down down
the drain.

the moments come faster now
the thoughts and the visions
waking early
pushing through the morning workout
powering through the afternoon workout
throwing throwing throwing
summer league
throwing throwing throwing

i will never miss my moment
i can feel it coming
i know what happens next
the end is not the journey
the path taken shows you more.

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