Saturday, February 7

Looking Ahead to

Kaimana22: The blogournament.

There are far too many players expected at the Waimanalo Polo Fields who are (self-)important enough to write blogs. From my own team (Philthy): Me, Mr. Thoughts and Mankind (Link withheld to protect the innocent T-Rex). From the Southern Dandys: Statler, Waldorf (the other way round?) and Warning, may contain frisbee-like substance. From those young Stanford punks: The Pulse and probably some more reputable journalists. What do I know about Stanford anyway? Likely some Ono talking about how great they are too. For the love of god, I hope I don't hear one more joke about LemonTree. You can cry a river, lead a dead horse there, toss him in, build a bridge and get over it, but you can't make frisbee players stop beating the poor bastard.

And I'm sure there are more. This is a blog, not an exhaustively researched (and still fallible) paper of record.

Anyway, the fact remains that this could be a total eclipse of [coverage]. An inundation. A saturation. A battle royal covered from all angles. Then again, we could decide that Hawaii is more fun than Vegas (I have already confirmed this independently, for those of you scoring at home and/or looking for expert opinions. To Wit: Kaimana>Tempe>Vegas) and still not talk about it.

For the record, I will not, under any circumstances, be bullied into boatracing against Kid and/or Count. I'm from NYU, we had kegs of Anchor Steam at parties. No need to drink fast. Put it on the backburner and slow your roll for the marathon. That is, "I see your challenge, accept defeat and challenge you to beers for breakfast and many rousing rounds of Ace-to-the-Face."

Anyway, the Philthy team this year has some newly signed roster surprises, and once again some fly-ass jerseys. Some of us will be tourin' Kaua'i the week before, some of us will be north-shoring the week after. The select unemployed pretend-writers amongst us will be doing both. To that end, I invite any+every one to drop by the Kona Brewing Co at the Koko Marina before you head to the polo fields and campsite on Friday. We'll be there circa 11am until our long liquidbreakfastlunch provides sufficient tent-erecting fuel. (Directions: Take H1 east until it turns into Route 72. Once it does, get into the left of the two lanes when it gets down to a 2-lane road. When it makes you turn left onto Lunalilo Home Rd, you're in the right complex. Yeah, only Chevron in the area.) Hope to see you there!

And then? I hear we have 3 days of games+beach in paradise to look forward to!

Hell yes-- Just livin' the dream
and hoping I don't wake up.


Mackey said...

The real question is:

Who among us will turn up with an iphone and live blog the thing?

John said...

any chance you or jimmy can snag my jersey?

JephB said...

more like, I'm from NYU, we sit in a booth at a party for 45 mins, nodding our head to music and than go home while everyone else has fun. Watch out for them Rhodes boys, they might even make it to midnight! BARFIGHT!

dusty.rhodes said...

That's funny Jeph, for a guy who goes out all night and comes home empty handed. Or empty bedded and non-empty handed. We're happily taken *men* who drink all day and play man ultimate while you try to grasp complex concepts like defense, offense, and how to mispel [sicsicsic] your own name.

"You keep using that word ['fun'] I do not think it means [to us] what you think it means [to you]."