Tuesday, November 24


1.3 Mill Hill Interval Run
(There was a suspicious car down at the end of the bottom hill. So I cut that part off because I wanted to focus on me, not them. Which is hard for me. Not them.)

40min Interval Training w/ Variable rests no more than 90 sec and no closer than 10 seconds apart. Various throwing, weight transfer, rotational, full-body, explosive, etc movements. All over the place as I just tried to vary what I was doing as much as possible within the realms of workouts that I've done recently. So, things like "This next interval will be medball pushups" or "The next three intervals will be Throwing the Medball against the wall" or whatever combined with knowing which parts of my body are more/less tired after a given interval...

Anyway, the point is that it is hard because I can change it to make it harder/easier for myself as I go. Which is its own challenge.

The intervals were all set on a watch, but I set ~ 13/14 intervals of varying time, and I won't be able to remember 13 or 14 intervals while keeping track of the other stuff I'm doing. Well, not yet at least.

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