Tuesday, August 10

the sons of wilt chamberlain

an open team without a conscience,
just like their old man.

played 3.5 or 4 games with the sons of wilt at nucci's cup last weekend. that was pure fun. lot of expikes at the tourney. i like being able to throw whatever i want so long as it is a completion.

we also wanted "replcicans" shirts.

"where's the beer?"

also hit pony practice each evening.the strategy is starting to feed on itself. this is a compliment to the players/team.

more familiarity and intensity.

first true test upcoming this weekend at ecc.

very pleased to be heading back.

i'm feeling strong going into the weekend. the pony workout plan has agreed with me. the times i've pushed it, my body has been pretty solid in terms of recovery time.

the ability to repeat high-level performance after brief recovery is paramount to ultimate. that part is still easy. good genes?

but the intensity of that highest level output is what seems to go first.

or was it the elimination of "team-killing turnover because he's trying to do too much"dusty in favor of "team wounding, but not too seriousyl turnover because he's not entirely on the same page with his team's strategy in terms of muscle/neuron/whatever memory" dusty?

i thbink that's an upgrade?

nothing is all one way or all another.

so too with aging athletes.

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CJ Millisock said...

Love this. Good luck at ECC Holmes.