Monday, May 30


Would it be too much to ask

to have a graphic (or even just a windsock in the field of view) for future ultimate telecasts/videos?

Not that I would have thought of it before checking in on the CUT v Hodags (KINSEY! I SEE YOU THROWING TRASHY GOALS! You're the reason I have such a goofy picture in th header for this waste of blogospace. Those los dudes almost killed me.) on, but the fact remains that something like a directional arrow w/ windspeed in a corner of the screen or something as simple as a windsock would make this a better viewing experience.

Speaking of easy ways to improve nationals:

- Open to men.
- Teams wear school colors?
Sure, I guess. More on this in a moment.
- Team names on uniforms.
Yes. No argument at all.
- Teams use school name.
No. Not unless every backw(oo/ar)ds club sport office will agree to letting a "fringe sport" (altsport?) like ultimate fully represent their school. For example, at NYU, we were told that we were not allowed to be the Violets. We were not allowed to go to tournaments unless we went in a club sports van or bus. We were not allowed to travel without a coach. Seriously? We just wanted to play. If you place a barrier like "Must be an NCAA-approved sport" in front of ultimate players who just want to play... well... The issue here is legitimacy vs participation w/r/t the growth curve of the sport. Right now, this is a requirement that would, over the matter of "Words, words, words" eliminate participation for a large percentage of schools/players whose schools will not allow them to use the official mascot. Yes, NYU is an oddity unto itself, but it is not the only school with restrictions on what a frisbee team is allowed to call itself. Hell, we would repeatedly show video and explain to the club sports department what we were doing exactly, and every year, the club sports dept would ask us what ultimate was. Oh, if you're named something that implies a color, and your school won't let you use their name, it wouldn't make sense to be their colors, no would it? Like, say Green Eggs and Ham should probably be allowed to wear green if they want.
- Hats.
1. Yes on color.
2. Maybe on "team/university/relevant" hats.
3. Shut up about which direction hat to buy. Next I won't be allowed to wear baggy shorts. Or short shorts. Or maybe, since I would have been shelling out my own money for all of these items, and most of the travel, you should just shut the hell up. Seriously. Let me wear whichever type of shorts I want to buy and be seen in public, let me tilt, turn and crease my hat anyway I want. Let me not wash my hat for a whole season so that you can see the sweat stains and places where my grubby little fingers grabbed onto it over and over again like they do in MLB (anyone have a ready link for a dude who did this? There are many examples and I can't remember any of their names or find them via google.). Wait, is there a rule that says players can't wear backwards hats? After some years of a backwards hat, I saw the light (is it a pun if I pretend I didn't call attention to it?) and realized that a forwards had would help me not get blinded when I looked up. This does not make me think that people who want to be blinded should not be allowed to wear backwards hats. Direction of hat does not affect anything. I'm feeling dumber by the letter I type here.
- Birdman.
If Southpaw actually lets Venose try out for them (He was the fastest player on the field when he was there at NJ HS States. BARFIGHT!), they might well be the most tatted-up team in the nation, based solely on Venose and Purifico.

11-whatever? Really? For a final? Maybe I was wrong and ultimate does deserve to be an indoor sport. I love the wind, but that doesn't make it good for the sport.


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