Saturday, August 13

Team Splits

Back in the Pike-day

We would do all sorts of weirdly-split scrimmages (and sometimes small-sided games later in practice) to 3/5/7/dependsonpracticegoals/whatever just after warmups.

As I read this:

Event no. 5: Another full-court game to 60, although I can't decide on the right matchup. Some possible candidates: UConn alumni vs. Florida alumni; Big East alumni vs. Pac 10 alumni; tattooed guys vs. nontattooed guys; high school diplomas vs. left-college-more-than-a-few-credits-short guys; under 6 feet vs. over 7 feet; registered Republicans vs. registered Democrats; a pickup game in which Grant Hill and Jalen Rose pick teams; Euros vs. South Americans; and Players Whose Penises Have Appeared on a Sports Blog vs. Players Whose Penises Have Not Appeared on a Sports Blog.

(from Bill Simmons on

I'm reminded of my favorite. No, not "Most recent sexual experience" as explained by some goofy giant Boston Hall of Famer on Above & Beyond. Or the ever-popular "Smart vs Dumb". We had a (now-)PhD in fucking Robotics on the dumb team for crissakes. Not even "Men v Boys" or "Over vs Undernourished" or "Style"

but "Good vs Evil."

Splitting your team this way by having the team decide is usually fun to be a part of and tells you more about your teammates than you could else wise learn. Who is good? Who pretends to be good because they're so evil? Who pretends to be evil to make being good easy? Who is the principle voice in the discussion? How could this not be a great time?

And then you get to play Good vs Evil. This is good.

The way everyone acts in this game. The roles that people assume as players. The way they react to boxes and being put in them. What kinds of cues are these folks all sending out w/r/t the context?



B-Lo said...

In sci-fi movies back in the day, a limitation of robots was their inability to lie. The question is whether Fink-bot wasn't smart enough to lie to get on the smart team like some of the others or if he was smart enough to lie to get on to the dumb team... which i can only presume won the game because dumb always seems to win these contests.

dusty.rhodes said...

I think we were actually playing "old&smart" vs "old&dumb" vs "young&smart" vs "young&dumb". Fink was young&dumb which alone caused enough laughter to be worth the price of admission.