Tuesday, November 20

Back to the Future for IV

So... now what?

Well, in terms of what?

I'll be writing, but not as frequently. I still need to compile the hours I spent on the season for kicks. I'll talk about the future of Pike (yes, we have a future, contrary to some particularly poorly informed or purposefully vicious rumors that have been passed my way). I'll talk about some things that I learned this season and what I hope to work on for the next season. Offseason workouts started today. Short, but intense. 2-3 times per week. Still throwing whenever possible. I've got some new things planned for next season as a thrower already. I can still be so much better at this game! I love it. All of those ultimate thoughts (and more!) when I get to them will be put here at this spot. I'd bet that there is still a minimum of one post per week, but that could vary.

my writing in general:
Well, I recently started a non-ultimate blog because I like writing and don't yet have a clear long-term project to work on. For now, I just like picking random topics and writing about them. Or putting down some of the more interesting thoughts I've had over the day. If you want to visit it, visit it. If you don't, whatever. If you can think of someone else who would like to read it, point them at it. It'll be off-the-beaten-path at very least. It might be off-the-beaten-path CRAP, to be fair, but you know. I'll be doing it no matter how good or bad it is because I enjoy it.

other stuff:
What other stuff? This is a blog about ultimate. I talked about that. Tthis blog has writing. I talked about that. Not much else to cover. Well, I could write about PADA Mosh, but why bother? It was ridiculously fun. I was very intoxicated. I think I may have offended a nice young lady from Fordham. I'm sure I offended my teammates. But we all had a good time. I'll be at Turkey Bowl this weekend. That should be fun. Probably be at Ultimax in December. Thinking about Lei-Out. Definitely Kaimana (already bought the tickets). That'll be epic/awesome. Again.


Anonymous said...

the future of.... pike?

i'd heard you'd be taking the subway to practice next year.

dusty.rhodes said...

You'd have to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Possible, sure.
But I drive a hard-ass bargain.

wix said...

offending people could be the start of a beautiful relationship (just ask Alex Liss). give that nice young lady a call today!

dusty.rhodes said...

i was under the impression that it was dangerous to ask alex liss anything. perhaps i was mistaken.

well, if i happen to see her again, perhaps i won't be either so a) drunk or b) not-so-nice.

Then again... that could be giving her the wrong impression!

Actually, now that I think about it, meeting me likely gives the wrong impression more often than not... does that mean that the wrong impression is actually the right impression? Wow. I think I just blew my mind.

Alex Peters said...

So what's a good deal on a flight for Kaimana? I've been looking at it, and the cheapest I've seen is like $650.

Alex Peters said...

And which would be the best dates to fly considering the length of the flight(s) and housing in Hawaii?

dusty.rhodes said...

That seems like a good price.

I don't know dates. I don't know about housing. I'm going for 10 days and camping/bumming/hoteling for that time.

Details have not yet been pinend down. I leave that to my more organized teammates/fellow adventurers.

The Pulse said...

There are plenty of nasty rumors swirling, but with that 5 out-of-region players limit, how ridiculous could it get?

Speaking of which, I think it's silly that I could play for Los or Furious or Flycoons and not count against that limit, but not PoNY, which is 30 minutes away and so much easier to practice with (via mass transit) than in-region teams like Pike.

The Pulse said...

As for Kaimana, we like to get in the Thursday before and stay for about a week.

Anonymous said...

who has a pulse? and pony currently sports no out of region players so five spots are available.

and dusty, that was me above. would love to talk some time, or better yet drink about it, but not until February when i get back from work.

is it sad that i'm already thinking about fools? so little ultimate to take up my time until then...


dusty.rhodes said...

i'm already thinking about fools too. i can't blame you.

we can drink about anything you like, mister russell. first one's on you.