Tuesday, November 20

Throwing/300 Posts

If you live in the metropolitan NY area and would like to throw...

Get in touch. Email's best. Any time. Most anywhere in Manhattan with enough space. Downtown preferred. Jersey City Parking Lots are also available. Weather is not an issue save for absurd extremes.

I also posted 300 times over the year (this is 301). That's a lot. And I have, in theory, another month to increase that. Yow.


Mackey said...

I only count 282 from the "temporal index" on the right of this post.

Maybe you've got 18 saved-but-not-posted posts sitting on your account?

dusty.rhodes said...

It seems you are correct. And far too fact-oriented. Still college kids... this is pseudo-reality!

Perhaps I'll look back and publish what I've already written to reach the magic number.