Tuesday, February 26


kind of.

waiting in phoenix for a flight. great trip. there was just an incredible amount of stuff that we did over the trip.

sunsetswinesunrisesbeertentssearedahicliffjumpingcoffeeillegaldrivingbeerclimbingkayakingcampingwaterfallsoceanwineblacksandrunningwhitesandrunninggreensandthrowingmusic treeswildernessturtleswhaleskoreanbbqsashimisleepingunderthestarslunareclipseatsunsetfrommthetopoftheislandandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandonandon.

just incredible.

oh yeah, we played ultimate too.

did a ton of writing on the trip too. some for this very webspace. some for that other waste of space.

i'll get it up here eventually. maybe sooner if i'm stuck in phx for much longer.

(for the record, this is what i looked like all weekend with my vacation hair/grin)

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