Thursday, February 7

Ross Hits the...

...nail on the head:

Most do not realize what can be accomplished in 20 or 30 minutes. You don’t need a marathon session to improve physical fitness. Less can be more if you put forth an honest effort.

Make time for fitness, as you will never find time. Wake up earlier, or find a break within the day.

(Tabata squats, lunges, pushups, pullups tonight)


J said...

I recommend the Turkish Get-up. Yeah, it sounds like a crazy dress-code, but I swear you don't have to put on a fez to do it.

Anyway, did them yesterday and boy are my adductors sore!

wix said...

Sure you don't have to... but it must count for bonus points. Probably good for your balance to keep the fez from toppling off as you scramble up and down.

I really think this is excellent advice for people at all levels of fitness, even recently reformed couch potatoes daunted by the thought of 1 whole hour of exercise. "start small," "do what you can," "make the most of your time," etc. Prioritize fitness and well-being, even in small ways, and eventually you'll want to make a bigger place for it.


Andy said...

Not only that, but I recently read that 1 hour plus workout sessions, particularly ones that involve useless, plodding cardio (ie jogging, elypticals, etc), actually start to become retroactive.

Now not only do I do my running in high intensity intervals, but I do my lifting the same way. Workouts don't usually last longer than 40 minutes and they absolutely destroy me.