Monday, September 15

another sectionals weekend

and i swear i've been here before.

Well, not these fields exactly. But here. This place.

All of the players are the same, they're just on different teams. Or have different faces. Some don't, of course. But I've been right here, in this game before. And this one too.

I've heard this speech before, only it wasn't coming out of my mouth and it had different words.

Only last time, my team didn't fight in either game.

Feeling really fresh, looking forward to practice this weekend.
Got a good strength workout in today.
Loosened up.
Took some short, hard sprints.
"Good Form."

Last time, I was scared.


Josh Mullen said...


Could you dumb down your blog so math based people can read it?

p.s. about nicknames, it took me about 10 minutes to remember spanish's real name to try to find his email address.

dusty.rhodes said...