Tuesday, September 30

there was a moment

when it came back to me

in a rush.
in the fall.

suddenly i didn't dread lacing them up.
i wouldn't be sore the next day and there would be nothing left on the field.

i lead the league in plays left on the field.
i can recall them all of them better than the few plays i've made.

in every game there's a moment where you push through the wall.
in warmups, you can't quite ever hit the wall. (you can, however, recast the wall in paper.)

in every season there's a moment where the inhibitor clicks off.
in non-series tournaments, i can't quite ever fully turn it off. (i can, however, recall the memory.)

no more de/re-construction.
adjustment, tweaks.

alterations, variations.
no more building or tearing down.

only attack.
only defend.

only win.
only loss.

only focus.
only focus.

only 1v1.
only allvall.

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