Thursday, April 9

While I Prefer a Dubbel...

Fools Fest was fun

much in the way Kaimana, Mars... and whatever other 3-day Ultimate tournaments with ample beer and competition I'm forgetting are fun.

Played mixed with Stimulus Package (Puppet Regime+Some PoNY+other). Two losses on the weekend. One avenged in quarters against Lefty Loosy (NC). The other handed out by eventual champs The Way of the Jackalope (Various) to the tune of 15-11. Jackalope was definitely the scariest of the tights teams on the weekend.

For everyone who looks at me funny when I drink beer while playing, I submit to you Spaten. (Optimator is great if you love dark beer. Go for the premium lager if you like lighter beer.)

Then again, I didn't need to hear it from someone else that beer is my drink.


J said...

I do enjoy the Optimator. The others, in my opinion, are pretty so-so, though perhaps that's unfair since I'm not big on lagers nor Oktoberfests.

By the way, those Abbey ales you hooked me up with = primo! I drank them side-by-side. I'm not sure that's the best way to enjoy them, but it certainly works for comparison shopping. And you definitely notice the added alcohol in the one vs. the other.

wix said...

J: come to beerfest.

wix said...

as team pictures go, that's silly. too bad i'm not in it.

[hark, the wambulance!]

Will Reed said...

Wambulance? You need the Helpicoptor!