Thursday, April 23


That place was awesome.

Yes, both [1, 2] of them.

The tournament was fun too.

First Round Byes on Both Days made for Late Nights.

Which is good.

4-0 on the Day 1 over Drexel Spitfire, Wiretap, Old Sag and Above and Beyond. Wiretap was up at half. Everyone else was down at half.

3-0 on Day 2 over Red Hook, Wiretap and Swarthmore Alums(+).

Pike has won all odd-numbered Beth Coltman Memorials (03, 05, 07, 09)!!!

Good weekend with good players all: Returners, Not-yet-Pikes and Ghost of Pikes-Past.

This season is shaping up entirely differently than last season, thus far. Perhaps we won't lose 17 players? That would be sweet.

Anyway, every single player had good moments and bad. Most more of the former than the latter.



Will Reed said...

Just remember... you can't lick the vats at the brewery...

wix said...