Monday, May 18


Managed to find a team for Bellcrack.

I'm not sure I helped them, on the weekend, but we lost in Quarters to Hooray.
Great. Now my undefeated Bell Crack record is in the toilet.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I was not a negative addition to the team.
I could always be wrong. Perhaps w/o me, they would have made finals.

As usual, every team I play with tells me that if Amy was there they'd be happier.
What does this say about me? Unclear, but there were a lot more serious teams at BellCrack than in years past. That is not to say better or worse, just more actual club coed teams.


From Deceptisomething to Deceptinothing.
"I forgot to remember we took a timeout. That timeout gave him the rest he needed to get his foot there."
And other thoughts that have gone through my head since I got footblocked.

If I wanted a shorter title:
"Drew Jones gets Ten FIDY'd."


League Games start this week.
Er, pre-season games do.

Then again, with this many (50, I think) teams, who knows what's what when we can't all possibly make the playoffs. There is a non-zero chance that I should read the Captain's Handbook which PADA has been kind enough to provide me. If I could only remember whe...

Oh yeah, my team is a well-(c/d)rafted group of miscreants. Off (and, I think) on the field. IF we can only figure out how to get our guys out of the way.


Light optional Pike practice Saturday morning was not terrible. The team with fewer drops in the drills had far more drops in the games.

Official full-on Pike tryout weekend next weekend.


wix said...

"happier" and "more gooder" are rather different. with you they're certainly "more gooder," unless it's days 1 and 2 of fools fest.

dj said...

Does "get Ten FIDY'd" translate to drinking all of Dusty's delicious beer? And then berating you for not bringing more the next day?

Thanks for the fine quaffable goodness. I found it at my local beer store, but they charge $5 a can. I hope that's not how much you pay in philly, otherwise I think I drunk a twenty out of your wallet that day...