Wednesday, June 10

What you know

is unknown

There is far less luck than I knew there was.
Plays are far more useless, for one reason,
Offenses are far less, for another reason.

Players are players
Ringers are ringers
Ballers are ballers

Shooters gotta shoot.
Some shooters shoot
Better than others.

Leftys are still cheaters:
Just because they use the
Right side of their brains.

Heaven is still just like
A wise man once said it was
When unplaying the fool.

("It's all in the flip
Not at all in the cup!"
P-H-I, L-L-Y: Now what's up?

"This is what happens...
Do you see what happens,
When you [go cups v Pike?]")

Ultimate's a game for innovations:
New solutions to the same equations
Of discflight's patterned iterations.

Different ways of stressing
Of attacking and defensing
But all the same song sing:

"Give nothing +
Take everything =
Win anything."

The same song sung
Echo in every tongue
At eachnevery rung

Of competition
Of sport
Of game.

For money
For nothing
For allthesame.

Just another
Way tokeep
No score

And see
What there
Is to see.
Pike's ceiling is higher than it has been since 2005.
Pike's floor is just as low in 2009 as it was in 2006.
Pikes is ready to put the I back in Team First in 2009.

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