Tuesday, January 5


I've not been not working. But I've frequently not typed about it. Backlog below:

-4xLC+PC (MB Squat Presses, MB Stepup Shoulder Presses)
-Basic TC Warmup (100 lazy swings, 100 twists, 100 reverse twists, 15 TC squats)

-1.3mi Hill Interval
-1xGC (Wobble Glute Bridge.
Glute Circuit= 30 Glute Brigdes, 20 'L' Leg Raises, 20 Bird Dogs, 20 Single Leg G.Bridge, 20 Lying Hip Adductor, 12 Clap Pushups. All of these I held for 5 seconds per rep. Some I would do circles w/ my ankles (In and out) to count the seconds. Other things were added as time went on. Including wobble boards.)
-10x10sec Glute Bridge

-8x10 (10 sec rest) MB Slams
-8x10 (10 sec rest) MB btw Legs Forward Throw
-4lb MB wall dribbles overhead/chest 40 each.
-various wall throw/catches w/ 4lb MB and 12lb MB

-100 4lb MB burpees

-1.3mi Hill Interval

-LC+PC as 007

-2x GC (16 Clap Pushups)

-8x10 (10sec rest) MB Slams
-Assorted MB Wall Throws
-1x4/4 Pullups (4/4 Pullups= [x]/[y] types of pullups. x=on a board parallel to shoulders, on a board parallel to the pike not sticking out of your xyphoid process. I'm not explaining it any further save to say that the two boards are perpendicular to each other.)

-3x5/4 Pullups
-8x10 (10 sec rest) MB Slams
-8x8 (10 sec rest) MB Arc Raise Squats
-8x4x2x1 MB Hop Shoulder Press

-1/3mi Hill Interval Run

-3x(20 MB GKeep Hold Squats, 20 MB Shoulder Press Lunges, 20 MB GK Hold Step Ups, 10 Waist Height Box Jumps, 10 MB Pushups, 10 Straddle Wobble Board Plyo Pushups, 10 Elbow-In Pushups)
-3xMB Back Lift/Swing
-100 Lazy Twists
-50 Upper Body L/R Shifts

-.8mi Hill Int.
-100 High Chest Elbows Up-n-Out MB Twists
-20 Full Atlas Squats (Balance 12lb MB on nape of neck during 20 full squats)
-30 Hands Clasped behind back Twists

-2x(3x30 "Bottom of Squat ISO Twists"). That is: Hold onto your knees with your hands and twist without moving in various in/out combinations.
-2x70 Lean Back High Chest MB Twists
-2.5x15 MB Pushups
-70 "Monster Mash"
-50 "Head-to-Shoulders"
-50 "Head Nodders"
-8x10x10secrest MB Slams
-2x5/4 Pullups
-8 Waist Height Box Jumps
-16 Straddle Wobble Board Jumps



wixwixwix said...

xyphoid beeblebrox?

i love names for exercises almost enough to try them. this post did just get me to step away from my laptop to see how 100 lazy twists felt. ahhhhh.

J said...

Se(a)crest Medicine Ball Slams?? Feeling a little pent up aggression after New Year's?

dusty.rhodes said...

Aggression? Naw.
Just redreamt this dream
I want to live before it dies.