Wednesday, February 14

Circuit Workout Example

The quick 10min circuit workout for today was from Never Gymless:

Burpees x 60 sec
Pullups x 60 sec
Squats x 60 sec
Pushups x 60 sec

Burpees x 45 sec
Pullups x 45 sec
Squats x 45 sec
Pushups x 45 sec

Burpees x 30 sec
Pullups x 30 sec
Squats x 30 sec
Pushups x 30 sec

Burpees x 15 sec
Pullups x 15 sec
Squats x 15 sec
Pushups x 15 sec

Quick and draining.

Dispatches from the Waimanalo Weather Desk show that the first weekend in paradise will be...

Rainy and Windy???? What the hell? I wonder if I can still throw in the wind...

As learned in a previous trip, rain in Hawaii is not the same as rain in, say, the Greyt Northeast. That being said, wouldn't you rather not have rain?

I know you're all sending pity my way.
Workout Total:
10 minutes Circuit Training.

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