Monday, February 12


Went to the ERP Pickup again. Way too many people this time around due to the very nice, though chilly, night. Bailey made a rare appearance. I don't think he got hurt, but full details will be on Sportscenter this evening.

Created a couple of opportunities on defense again. Yet another was tipped for a goal. My catching seems to be off at this point in the season on both O and D. No worries. As daily touches rise, drops, well... drop. The good sign is that if I focus on defense, it turns out that I can play it pretty well (there was some precedent for this, but not much). This is good to know. As mentioned in a previous post, one of the end-goals of focusing on D is to understand the D mindset so that I can switch between D and O effectively in a given point and between points.

Starting to work on the calculus of the hammer and how to cover the endzone against a team that uses it effectively and regularly. The calculations are different when the completion rate is high enough to require more honest defense. This is the perfect game to work on it.

I'm also working on the notion of creating chaos on defense. To look at it from a game theory perspective, you need to optimally balance your mixed strategy to increase the odds of your strategy being the perfect counter to what the offense is doing. If you constantly do the same thing, the offense will have no need to change their game plan and will settle in to tear you apart.

In other news, Martyball is done in San Diego. If ultimate were the NFL, who would have been fired from Jam? More importantly, how does this affect the draft position of Tomlinson in my Fantasy League? We'll be keeping a close watch.
Workout Total:
2 hrs pickup

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