Wednesday, February 7


Did the explosive workout just before the Duke-UNC game. Hansborough really reminds me of Eric Montross. Is it just because they're both tall, strong, red-headed, mean-spirited Tar Heels? Or is it more than appearance?

Either way, the Sixers don't seem to be getting the message to LOSE as many games as possible. Herm Edwards be damned, we need a stud in the draft this year.

Oh yeah, Dwayne Wade is still the hardest working man in basketball.
Workout Total:
35 Minutes Explosive Strength
10 Minutes Core Work


Bill said...

Montross could never move like Hansbrough can.

Bill said...

Oh, and, what explosive workout?

dusty.rhodes said...

The current 50-day workout plan is detailed here:

Montross, back in the day, epitomized the way I viewed UNC. Hard working maniac who was just out to beat you into submission. I know that they did a great recruiting job the stars as well, but I always recall there being at least one huge (often white) center who wanted to punish you. Montross -> Hansbrough.

Then again, remebrance of things past is always a dicey proposition.

Bill said...

That workout is similar to the one I was on this winter; I kept a log at
. I got off it a little during the holidays, still worked out occasionally, but I'm back on the horse and documenting it at .

dusty.rhodes said...

Yup. The basics are from Enamait's follow-up/replacement book "Never Gymless"

I've got a similar plan, but I've, of course, adapted it all to what I want to achieve. This includes being able to workout no matter where I am. All it takes is 15-45 minutes and (usually) no equipment. The plan itself will change as the season goes on to change the level/intensity of some of the work and to incoporate higher impact playos and eventually track work.

I think the 5 day cycle is a vast improvement over what I had been doing in the past as it doesn't align workouts with particular days of the week whcih always made me feel like I was in a rut.