Monday, February 5

Put up a Dub!

The basketball team is now winful! Thanks to a quality all-around game from one Zac Roy and some pinpoint passing by yours truly, the game was never really in doubt as we opened up with a quick run and led for the rest of the way. The team actually made shots and went to the boards this evening. I finished with about 8 points and 7 or 8 assists with no turnovers. The refs still called the game, uh, interestingly, but this time around they pretty equal from one end to the other, which is vital.

There was also a trash-talking incident that continued after the game between the best player on the floor (a guy on the other team) and one of our players (the athletic slashing fouler) that involved some, well, harsh words. I believe "ice-grill" came up a couple of times as well as "snuff you out." I, of course, paid this no mind because it's fucking rec-league basketball. After the game's over, it's over. Not important enough to continue it past the paint.

Ah well. Maybe this winning thing will take off as a popular trend as the season continues.

Skipped the workout today for the game. Back on the Hoss tomorrow.
Workout Total:
45 Minutes Cross-Training (Basketball)


zk said...

"Maybe this winning thing will take off as a popular trend as the season continues..."

You're quite the optimist. I think we have to look at these games as conditioning workouts. Next time we get behind by more than 15 points, I'm just going to start doing plyos... high skips up and down the court, sets of 10 backboard touches, etc...

dusty.rhodes said...

I'd put up 10 dollars to see that.