Friday, February 9

Video Goals

One of my goals for this season is to watch more ultimate on video, with a purpose.

Some of the relevant thoughts:

  • Watching with a purpose is FAR different than just watching.
  • In High School, I played soccer, basketball and volleyball. We reviewed video and scouted opponents in both soccer and volleyball. Volleyball, in particular, lent itself directly to this sort of review. Coverage schemes on hits and tendencies for hitters, servers and setters all make themselves very apparent. This was one of the thousand things that helped us to a 56-0 conference record during my time there.
  • With volleyball in particular, we had a set of things that we were looking for and our fantastic coach, John Baranowski, encouraged us to take an active role in identifying the patterns of our opponents and to then help devise strategies to take advantage of those patterns. I really took to this challenge.
  • In ultimate, what is it that we're looking for in video?
Well, the things that I'll be examining over the course of the season include:
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Pivot Mechanics
  • Offensive Timing
  • Goal-Line O/D
  • D/O off of the pull
  • D/O out of stoppages
  • Efficacy of Pump Fakes
Details for exactly what I'll be tracking and which portions of it I'll pay attention will be added as I progress. There is a lot of stuff here, but I've got a whole damn season to invest myself and digest the info.

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