Tuesday, February 27

Maui No Ka Oi

I don't remember what that means, but if I had to pick one hat tournament to go to over and over again, this would be the one. Like many players, I find hat tourneys an exercise in frustration... but at the same time, it is always fun to play. This was well run and the local players (even the inexperienced ones) were very good at throwing in the wind.

John Hammond was carried by my girlfriend to a title.

My team was carried by my license to swill to one point losses to both teams in the finals.

Can anyone explain why when you're in the airport baggage claim that everyone stands approximately 1 inch from the carousel? Wouldn't it be fantastically sensical to stand 4 feet back all the way around to give more space for luggage pickup and to provide a better view? This is like the idiot spectators at finals of any given ultimate tournament that lay down with their noses on the line. Group idiocy is upsetting.

Things that will be seen here soon:

- A return to daily entries
- Workout plan for the next 50 days.
- Maybe more on Kaimana
- Possibly going back over the last however many days and filling in some blanks with post-dated entries.
- Leftover ultimate thoughts from my travels
- More captivating basketball recaps
- Thoughts from Pike tournaments/practices as that starts up

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