Tuesday, February 20


Kaimana was, as anticipated, a blast. I you haven't gone, you're missing out. If you have gone, well, what more do I need to say?

We lost in the quarters to Nada Mooger 15-6 (8-5 at half) as the wheels came off due to the extreme fun that was had over the course of our stay.

The only other loss was our pool-play loss to Onolicious, the eventual champs (Santa Barbara guys). We lost to the Doughboys as well, but I missed that game due to, uh, travel issues.

The team came together well considering that many of us had never actually played together before. Roster: Eugene Yum, Dan Furfari, Butter, Kazan, Bhavin, Josh Weisstuch, Zac Roy, JP, Jamie Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, TP, Jimmy Bendernagel and the Thorpe. I think that's it.

Oh, only downside this year? Going to bed in the early morning rain and 20mph winds is not easy. Then again, you're still in HAWAII!

Plans, of course, are already brewing to return in 08.

That's all for now... back to relaxing on Maui for a week.

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