Tuesday, February 6


Often, when I'm walking I like to try to stretch out my hip flexors. I try to lengthen my stride until I can feel the stretch in my hips and, occasionally, in my hamstrings. It looks a little funny, but considering how much time I spend sitting and shortening my hip flexors, it would behoove me to do something to counter that. I'm walking for ~20 minutes to and from work every day (~40 minutes total), so why not use that time to work on an aspect of my game?

Another goofball thing I do when walking is to imagine a random path of a disc intended for a person walking near me. What would I need to do to get to that disc first? What is the straightest line to that point if I'm starting from a walk? A Standstill? A run?

Doing these calculations can't hurt, right? Perhaps I can supplement the way I understand my experience with abstract thought exercises.

Did an abbreviated Interval Workout today. Got the heart working and the muscles moving.
Workout Total:
10 Minute Interval Workout

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