Saturday, February 10

G'Day, Bruce!

Woke up in "the part of Philly that looks like Brooklyn" late this morning.

Much fun was had in the preceding evening. It was good to see most of the usual suspects at the lanes. Heckman and Nic seem to be the bowlers of the group. Neither is all that surprising, really. Entertaining comment from the evening courtesy of B-Lo concerned the similarity of bowling styles to throwing styles. Of course, this means that a large number of my teammates look exceedingly awkward on the lanes. Especially the ones with hitches in their throws. Some people have no touch at all, some have candy-arms.

It was a good time... I'm very excited for the season to begin.

Also saw Eugene who is on the Kaimana team. We, of course, expressed how we've been unable to contain our excitement about going since the plan was fleshed out in November or whenever. No way to say it other than: This is going to be the balls.

Going to dinner with the family tonight because my sister is leaving for Australia for the semester. She is, of course, taking a course in philosophy while there. She's the athlete of the family, by the way. Always good to see the family-- an evening of non-linear trivia-filled stichomythia.


Bill said...

Eugene rocks... both at ultimate and at the party.

We played a PADA game on a Friday night, then stayed for a few beers, then drove across Penn to Pittsburgh. Got there at 3 in the morning, and played Mars the next day.

Bill said...

It should be noted that this occurred a few years ago, in retrospect it sounds like I meant *this* friday night.