Wednesday, February 28

The Wire

First of two consecutive planned days of rest today. I've got to recover from this jetlag.

Over the course of the Hawaii trip we did a ton of throwing in high wind on the beach and the like. Always fun to toss in the ocean.

Your daily bit of breaking news: The HBO show "The Wire" is dope. No two ways about it. Great way to make the time pass while traveling with an ipod.

Once I get caught up on sleep and at work, the aforementioned updates will be coming. One of the other things I'll be doing is a review of the pre-Kaimana (aka first offseason) workouts.


Ryan Todd said...

What's up Dusty,

Nice site you're got here. I'm enjoying reading up on your training program and ideas. I've been doing a lot of similar exercises, but also focusing a lot on acceleration/deceleration technique. The more I learn, the more I realize there's a lot of time/energy being lost in my cuts because my form is not the greatest. Hey, since I'm never going to be able to jump over people, I might as well get really good at something, right?

Best of luck this coming spring. See you around I'm sure.


dusty.rhodes said...

Thanks for the compliment Ryan-- I'm sure now that you've put it in writing, I'll proceed to burn bridges and lower expectations.

Are you working on running form or changing direction/planting form? I've done some footwork drills in the past for the latter that may be useful. For the former, MJ was always a great resource.

As for deceleration specifically, the thing that I've been advised in the past is that the key, in terms of strength, is eccentric strength. Like walking down the stairs (eccentric strength) instead of up (concentric strength). There are a ton of resources for this online (and better ones in print), I'm sure. It is actually something I'm planning on doing an entry on, but haven't gotten to.

Ryan Todd said...

Right now the focus is on acceleration and running form. Deceleration is next.

Livelogic in Texas, huh? That's a long way to go for a spring tournament.

dusty.rhodes said...

If only everyone had a coherent training plan...

Texas will be a new venue for us against some teams that we don't see that often. It looks like we will be losing few, if any, players this season. As such, any opportunity to see higher-level opponents early will be good for us in the long term. We were a very young team last year and it showed. We've got to accelerate the mental aging process this go-round.

I don't see y'all (or PoNY or DoG for that matter) on the Henlopen list. Scared of Delaware? Or is Danny just terrified of seeing evelkeven between games?

Ryan Todd said...

It's a long drive from Boston to Henlopen (over 7 h) for limited competition. I'd imagine we would return for the Pike Invite, but I have no actual info there.

Bill Mill said...

Season 4 of the wire is the best television show I've ever watched.

Also, we'll be at Henlopen and BI, hopefully we'll get to play y'all.