Tuesday, February 13

This Just In:

C-Webb is still a little bitch.

I know he's flourishing in Detroit as a passing big man, but he's mailed it in and played like a big softy loser for far too long. I'm not sure if I despise him of Vince Carter more. I think the odds are on Webber because he spent time with the Sixers and nearly (or actually) caused me to throw various items at the TV.

Just because you're playing with a losing team in a situation you don't like does not give you the right to be a lazy fuckhead.

The best part? Detroit has unwittingly sealed their fate to not win another title any time soon. You simply can't do it with a player like Webber. Then again, he does make me irrationally angry-- Perhaps I am not seeing this clearly.

(Scheduled off-day)

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