Friday, September 10

"No, it isn't in the rules, but it is in your head."

I've gotten into it with two separate folks

at the last two tournaments (ECC&Chesapeake) over morality in ultimate.

One, an older-brother over-qualified former-player spectator, the other some random dude.

In both scenarios, a sub-optimal offensive decision was made in which a terrible inevitably d'ed throw was not affected by a subsequent foul. However, the disc, in both situations comes back by the letter of the law.

In both situations, I appealed (loudly) to the better judgment and honor of my opponents by calling them, indirectly, morally immature.

Why let the rules trump your individual sense of right and wrong?

Ultimate is a game.

Is it because of this that you take the opportunity to be morally gray?
Or is it because this is the sort of thing you do everyday?

I'm not sure which offends me more.

I am confident that ultimate provides an opportunity to act totally in concert with individual morality. Why let the opportunity pass? Why not test yourself? Why hide behind the rules rather than reveal yourself?

You can't lose anything aside from something that is nothing.
Which is everything.

To put it directly:
Ackrite > Followrools.


Anonymous said...

bonnie told me that jesus the c was still watching AND scribbling shit down.

CJ Millisock said...

Truer words have ne'r.