Tuesday, September 21


All you can do

is win win win the games you play.

Yale, Army, HUSL All-Stars, PonX, Parking Space, Vassar, WSL All-Stars (Masters Edition), Replicants, Pride Hill.

My own experience reminded me what a team is. The help helps differently for each. The joy of chosen responsibility.

It has been a long time since I've been "just another player". I find it awkward and exhilarating. Confusing and freeing.

To be found, you must first be lost.


Good to see Sardo dropping bombs, Jeff Ho getting massive kick blocks, Reuben&Venose knowing their Roots, Feetch... Feetching, Young Herm... Herminatoring, Ron reliving Road Scholar, ZK running shit, Kuger forgetting his damn water bottle (yes, it still has mud on it from the practice at which he left it), JP being exactly who we thought he was... and on anon.

Point being, playing Metro NY club sectionals was like a trip home to new place. Those fields mean nothing, unlike the Fredericksburg fields. The people mean something. This means something. This must be the place. That must've been the place. Everywhere is the place because the place is nothing.

From end to beginning, we begin again.
Always we move forward, like the ouroborus.

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