Friday, October 28

so it took me until after lunch

to think about frisbee today

Open Pool A
Revolver might get challenged in one of these games. To the tune of 15-11 or so. The other two are 15-8 or less. Bravo or Goat? Tossup as always when the 8-9 seeds meet. As for the 'Dors? I have no faith.

Well, two tighter (15-11/12) games for Revolver. One 15-8. 15-9 against Machine in 1st round today.
GOAT takes it, only to lose 15-13 to Ring in power pool.
Bravo and the Condors go on to win the first games in kiddie pools.

these were against

Open Pool C
This is a mess. A Happy mess. Avg margin of victory in this pool will be <3 points. I'm going to pencil Southpaw in for 3 DGP games. I have no idea if they'll win or lose. My instinct tells me that Machine is the loser of this group and that Ring will not go undefeated. Furious? Well... I don't think they'll go undefeated either, but they definitely have the inside track to finishing 1 in the pool. FG and... I'll pick "Whichever team wins btw Ring and Paw" to advance. Machine and the loser of the MA battle go down.

Well, it was a mess, for sure. Ring wins the pool with 15-10 over Machine and doubling up Southpaw 15-7.
Furious starts off with a pair of 12-15 losses to Machine and Southpaw.
The pool finishes with two 17-16 games, the meaningless Ring>Furious and the vital Machine>Southpaw.

Ring is now secure in the quarters after their win over GOAT.
Revolver is secure in the quarters after their win over Machine.

GOAT v Machine for the right to go to the beach instead of playing pre-q.

Furious is out of Pre-Q with their loss to Bravo.
If Bravo wins the next one v Southpaw, they're in a pre-q.

Open Pool B
I think Ironside is actually be in for a bit of a tough time with this pool. In the end, yeah, I think they take it, but this pool is quite a bit more challenging for Boston than Pool A is for Revolver. Not convinced that Truck won't drop a winnable game to Sub-Zero, but I'd definitely put money on Truck if forced. Finally, which of S-Z or Tanasi will blow their Day 1 load against Truck&Ironside and lose a tight one only to get sent to the kiddie pool with a loss? Schedule says it is more likely to be S-Z. Especially if they get televised. Harder to throw a game when the fans who voted to see you are watching at home...

I'm always wrong about Ironside. They go 15-10,3,7. Then 15-9 in Power Pool v Chain. I'm guessing effeciency on the D-line is high. Get those O Players ready to start earning their keep without such big margins...
Truck joins them going 15-8,11 over Tanasi and S-Z. Promptly losing to Doublewide 15-8 on Day 2.
Spot on about Sub-Zero and Tanasi. Tanasi lost 15-3 while S-Z fought Truck for 15-11. Tanasi wins the next round v Sub-Zero. Both lose the first round in the kiddie pool.

These guys crossed over vs:

Open Pool D
Based on this tweet from @oaklandultimate I bet they win the annual award for "New team that shows up to their field late because they underestimated the traffic/parking/size of the fields/whatever". The other thing that'll happen to Oakland is that they think they'll know what's about to hit them when they play Chain and DW... but playing them at Nationals is a whole other thing. I am not saying that Oakland can't hang, but that they won't in those games. I will pick Oakland for the upset against Madison solely because of the number of times I've had Kanye&Jay-Z's Hate jump into my head because of you clowns. Late in the day, the Hate builds. As for Chain and DW... I pick Chain b/c of depth. Even after last year's Brodie-centric beating of PoNY (seriously... it felt like all of their offensive points were "Catch pull. Hit Brodie at the front of the stack. Give him 9 seconds to bomb it to someone beating double coverage."), I think Chain's style of point distribution mixed with a more coherent set of players/strategies will send them up to the power pool with the W from Double*ide.

Well, I was wrong on Doublewide, winners 15-9,8,6. Then a pair of 15-9 victories by DW&Ironside put them both into the quarters.

Chain v Truck for the next quarters spot. Loser plays pre-q's.

Oakland wwent down 9,8-15 in the first two games. Pretty spot on about that. Seems like the other teams let off the gas a little later in the games. Thought they'd beat out Madison though. Not to be w/ a 10-15 loss.

Madison pays back Sub-Zero for, well, everything in the first round today and eliminates them from pre-q's.
With a Club win over Tanasi, they'll be in pre-q.

So, we've got:

Quarters or better: Revolver v Ring, Ironside v Doublewide.
Playing for Quarters: Machine v GOAT, Chain v Truck.

Inside track to Pre-Q: Bravo, Madison.
Other: Southpaw, Oakland, Condors, Tanasi.

Playing for 13th: Sub-Zero, Furious.

Nice. Hope it's fun down there!

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