Saturday, October 29

Quarters is When

Anything Can Happen

And at least one usually does.

Revolver vs Southpaw.
Southpaw late in the day is the worst team to play against. Southpaw early in the day? On an elimination round that could well come down to diversity of O and D times "Top Level Talent"... I'll take Revolver. But I think It'll be 15-(11-10) rather than 8 or so.

Doublewide v GOAT.
I definitley have DW in this one. Love ya GOATies, but... Some teams this weekend have shown they're on a mission. You're not one of them. 15-9, barring a late-game run from GOAT to make it seem closer.

Ironside v Madison.
Ironside is better than the teams Madison beat yesterday. By a good stretch. Is there a bit of chock for them in this one? I say yes. Ironside roars out to an early lead taking half to the tune of 8-3/4 and then MAdison makes a second half run to get within 2 (thinking 11-9) and then Ironside rides out to 15-10 or so.

Even though I say that, I think Ironside v Madison is the game with the biggest upset potental. Followed by: Revolver v Southpaw, Ring v Chain and DW v GOAT. In that order.

Ring v Chain.
This is the barnburner. That kind of flavor. I bet there are tuns and breaks and one-throw possessions in this one. These two teams, for whatever else they have, play high speed and go for the win rather than going for the "not-loss", so to speak. 17-16 Ring.

Finally, thus far, Oakland has lost to Madison, Chain, Doublewide. Tough fuckin' draw, that pool was. Since then, 2-0. Now they get to settle a score with Truck from Regionals in the semi-ninals. It'll do, but the schedule gods are cruel.

Good luck to all.

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