Wednesday, January 2


Time to start again.

Yeah, there's stuff I haven't done (recapping and looking back and all) but now is the time to move forward.

First official workout for Pike 2008 commenced yesterday.

Did 8x(20on/10off) of pushups. 25/20/11/9/8/7/8/8 Wow... I am a bit out of shape. Goal in 2008 is a Pike goal for 2007: 20+ on each group, for a total of 160 pushups in 160 seconds. I can do over that with squats, now time to match with pushups! Quick unchecked math puts me at 96 now with 64 to go!

Did a ton of stretching and foam roller stuff (though I've been doing both regularly since November). They work fantastically well in tandem. I've got so many little injuries which are finally getting workout out of my system. Love it.

Did some work on release points and footwork. It looks goofy as hell, but simply watching yourself throw/fake in a mirror does wonders. Doubly so if you imagine how you would mark yourself. If you have a video camera, that might be better, but I find the immediate feedback of the mirror to be rather helpful after having done the video thing in the past.

Did some other general strength stuff (pullups, lunges, abs/core, balance).

Ummm... about 25 total minutes on strength, 30 minutes of stretching/foamrollering and 15 minutes on release/footwork.

I gotta get out and throw more!


gapoole said...

Ugh. I really do suck at tabata pushups, I guess. I haven't even kept track yet of how many I can do each set, because after the second one I'm basically too tired to keep going AND count. Definitely a great workout, though--it's amazing how little time it takes to do that much work.

dusty.rhodes said...

The only relevant thing to that:

If you keep working at it, you will get better. Change happens over time, afterall!

Tabata anything are pretty awesome. Variations on an interval theme are important too. (+/- 0-7 seconds for either portion seems to work best for me)

J said...

It's 2008! Time to come to New Brunswick pickup and run hills with me and Walt.

This weekend would be a good time to come ... Matt Tracy and Pat Stoltz will be back in town as will the Saul Family Robinson (Noah, Isaac, & Ruben) and most of the Roots of Rhythm (whom you might remember from Sectionals).

... and Walt's still working on flushing out the increasingly rare Pussy-footed Vinnymouse.

ben h. said...

Buccleuch Park
800 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ,+nj

dusty.rhodes said...

pretty sure i'll be there this weekend...

unless the corner bistro -> bleecker bar this evening does me in for the morning.