Friday, January 18

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?


Friends? Family? Significant Other? Food? Money? Health? Weekends? Weeknights? Weekmornings? Job? Education?

What? Not any easy choice?

You're not giving that? Not even part of it? You're not sacrificing? Okay, you're still alright by me, but when we meet on the field just remember that I have no money, no girlfriend, no weekends, no weeknights and no weekmornings because I've made my choice. Alea jacta est.

Let me know if you're happy with your choice, because I'm happy with mine. And truly, in the grand scheme that is all that matters, but in the baby-grand scheme... Well, just know who you're dealing with when it comes to ultimate. When we meet I'll either beat you or/and learn from you. When next we meet? You had better be better than you were because I guaran-damn-tee that will be better than I was.

No matter the outcome of our battle, you'll find no shame in my game because I love the challenge. I know that every time I fail, it just gives me something new to get good at!


(Here ends today's obsessive blog rant. Tim, now is an appropriate time to comment on my brain and its obsession with ultimate. Hope the rest of y'all have fun at Lei-Out. Wish I could make it!)


gapoole said...


And I thought nobody understood. My parents certainly don't. Neither does my girlfriend, and she's played Ultimate! I'm going up to see her next weekend--would I be going if there wasn't a nearby conference dedicated to "Preparation and Performance for the Sport of Ultimate"? Hm...

dusty.rhodes said...

For the record... I'm not saying or implying that it is healthy. Or even the right choice... Just the one that I made and am happy with.

gapoole said...

Of course. I think it's a little about intimidation, too. Not everything you write has to be a 100% whole truth representation of yourself...think of NFL trash-talking or Mayweather. It's an attitude to bring onto the field.

Tim said...


Its blog posts like this that are why I understand and relate to your obsession and your way of thinking.

I found this sport 6+ years ago when I still had the mentality of a varsity athlete but didn't want to play one of my sports in college. From the moment I stepped on the field for the first time Ultimate began to flow through my blood.

I spend 8+ months out of every year devoting everything thing I do to a team. Everything I do to making myself the best possible player I can be. Its why for the 2 or so months immediately after the season I take a break, to recharge, revitalize my spirit that's been hurt by having ended my season with a loss. After that period of time my heart is back in it and I'm hungry again, ready to give it my all for another season.

J said...

You're a freak and I will never understand people like you.

dusty.rhodes said...

intimidation? naw. not really my style these days. i don't want to tell you i'm better than you. i don't even want to show you. i just want to be better than i was yesterday. Yes, that will hopefully result in me winning and all that, and I love those things too, but I'm realizing that it is about more than that. Something I knew intellectually before, but now I can actually feel and relate to.

Passions choose us, not the other way 'round.

Tim: What can I say? We've got two obsessive captains now. I just hope that assface dusty doesn't do something completely foolish to submarine the team on his pointless fucking blog or whatever that drivel is.

J: Let me help you-- All you need to understand me is to know that I'm a freak.

Andy said...

The most ridiculous part to me - a guy who hasn't played for 1.8 seasons - is that even when I dedicated my time to coaching HS girls (after an injury) who don't even know how to run at first, I still get fired up about the game. And still get my ass up at 7:30am on Saturday. And still spend my own money to go to tournies.

The question for me this year is: how do I make it so I don't have to choose between Ultimate and Ultimate?