Wednesday, March 5

Hawaii Retractions

Due to pressure from Philthy the following Official Ultimatejournal Retractions are made:

1. JP plays for "Your Mother."
2. Thorpe is captain of "Dusty's blog can suck my balls."
3. Eric plays for "This is some Bullshit."
4. Doc is captain of "This is some Bullshit" and only moonlights on Amp.


Kazan said...

Much better. You're, at last, telling it like it is, without inserting yourself at all.

It's like cinema verite, except it's a blog. Or like the sex life of some of our friends.

dusty.rhodes said...

I try to keep the sex life of our friends out of this.

It's like a "fill in your own sex-life" blog. You can make up that part of all of the stories as you go.

Marc said...

How did i get sucked into your vile world of petty loathing? All i did was suggest that someone say "this is some bullshit" to some of your bullshit.

You know what, i take back all those nice things i said about you.

(ok, i didnt actually say anything nice about you. But the next time i feel the inclination...)

Meanwhile, someone should post some pics of your broken-down, whiney, bitch-ass, i-coughed-all-night-so-my-vag-is-all-sandy, fetal-position-assuming, fecal-matter-eating, punk ass lying on our sideline like a sack of pig vomit. You disgust me.

Cant wait for next year.


dusty.rhodes said...

Well, the only person I noticed taking pictures of me at the time was TP. And he was only taking pictures of my ass. Which looks good no matter how sick I am... so that won't help.

Remember, I looked dead, not bad.