Wednesday, March 19


So that was the Single Hardest Exercise I've Ever Tried

SHEIET, boy I'm telling you.

So there I was, I did a Tabata set of pushups with my feet on a foam roller to introduce some instability. That was good. Much more challenging/tiring. Took a little break, typed an email to a teammate and did a tabata set of squats with a band around my knees and focusing on sitting back on the squat and keeping my heels on the ground because it really made them hard. That was good...

And then I started stretching for a while, which is what i usually do in the evenings for a little bit at least. And I reached down to touch my toes and then, for some reason I decided that it would be interesting to just slide my hands from here on the ground out to like a down-ward dog thing and see how that worked. So I did, and then I kept sliding my hands forward across the ground until I was just about parallel with the ground with my arms all the way up over my head. The whole time, I worked to keep just my fingertips on the ground as I slid (not always succeeding). And pushed my fingers in the ground as hard as i could while still sliding forward while still traveling forward and resisted them by pushing with my legs (trying to keep my heels on the ground and not always succeeding). I then tried to work from that position back up to where i started by doing the reverse, but by pulling against my own resistance again provided by my fingertips on the ground. Which sort of stretched my back out while making those muscles work. Weird and so difficult. Eventually, I did get back up.

Wow. I'm now still exhausted and I started this post about 90 minutes ago with a break somewhere back there to send an email or two that popped into my head and grab a quick bite to eat.

I have no idea what exercise that was or how i ended up doing it, but every single muscle i can think of is exhausted. SHEIET.

Apologies for any gross errors in this one-- it was typed in a rush.


Anonymous said...

"Sheiet" - Wire reference?

Bill Mill said...

I put my feet on one of those big bouncy exercise balls, it works wonders. I want to be able to have my feet on the exercise ball and my hands on a medicine ball and do pushups, but I'm not stable enough for that yet.

Will Reed said...

Yup, Wire reference

Andy said...

Sounds like what you did is like something I've heard of called the "inch worm." You start touching your toes, walk your hands out as far as you can above your head, and then walk your legs forward.

I haven't tried, but it sounds mega-hard.

dusty.rhodes said...

Yes, it is a Wire reference, but it's more about a acronym than the wire. Though it was purposefully both.

inchworm is pretty easy because you lift up your hands/legs to move them from place to place. We do those for warmups with pike these days.

This exercise is different as you slide your hands/feet across the floor without taking pressure off of either of them to move them which makes it pretty hard. Maintaining the appropriately challenging amount of pressure/resistance/friction is the key to this exercise.