Monday, March 24

Basic Post

Today's workout:

Tabata Lunges (16/17/17/17/16/17/16/17)
Tabata Rest
Tabata Pushups (28/25/20/10/3+7/3+7/4+6/5+6)
Tabata Rest
Tabata Burpees (8/8/9/9/8/9/8/7)

Lots of stretching after a weekend without ultimate (shock!) save for a bit of light throwing.

Workout Notes:
Lunges were awesome work for balance, stability and flexibility. Really reach out on the lunges, focused on keeping my motion smooth and controlled while going quickly. I was surprised at how quickly I was doing them. Pushups (99 real ones in there plus 26 knee-pushups!) were interesting... did well on the first three, and powered the third on out. Then I was gassed for the next two, but on the last two, I felt stronger than I had on those two. Ten seconds of recovery seemed to really help. Like my body is adjusting to recover as much as possible in 10 seconds. Nice. I was nervous before I started the burpees... With my back and core feeling tired, (arms too, but I never worry about them as much as I do the center of my body) I decided to start it up, but do it smart if I felt any true weakness in my back. Got through the first two alright, but on the last burpee of the second one, I felt a different pain in the back, and I knew that the landing after the jump was causing it. So I took out the jump and just did slightly slower squat-thrusts or whatever you call a burpee if you replace the jump with just standing up. Did them carefully and viola! No more pain. So no worries on that front.

I think this one will make me sore on Wednesday.

Today's food:
Dark Chocolate
Fruit Salad (orange, honeydew, cantaloupe, apple, kiwi, strawberry, grape)
2 clementines
2 oranges
Leftover ham with cheddar
Assorted mixed nuts

Today's Ultimate Thought:
What are you looking at as a thrower when your team calls a play?


Jamie said...

Do you mean "WHERE are you looking..."

or "What are you looking AT as a..."


ben h. said...


1. Downfield
2. Breakside
3. Dump

Looking Downfield for first three-four seconds of stall counts (earlier if shit ain't happening). Looking split second to a second at the Ace for a possible break. Looking at Dump (or the Reset as it seems to be more commonly referred to as) at stall four (again, earlier if shit ain't happening).

Ryan Todd said...

Excuse me sir, I don't get the question...

If I'm the thrower and someone on my team calls a play, I'm probably looking at the douchebag who called my play for me so I can shut him up :)

dusty.rhodes said...

You don't consider yourself to be "someone on your team?" I was trying include situations where there is a play called on the line or the play call for a turn or something like that. You can be thrower who didn't call the play. Well, maybe not you, but someone. Not sure why they'd be calling you in a pull play since that never worked for Pike...

Jackson said...


unless the play called is clusterfuck, then I'm just hucking it regardless

micah said...

If the play is called during a stoppage I like to try and figure out where the second guy is going to come from if the primary look doesn't get open. That way I can make a decision about if the new cutter is open quickly rather than spend a second trying to find him. All in an effort to speed up the offense and move on to the reset in time.

John said...

play calling be damned i'm look for the fade away hammer to the back corner.

Jackson said...

Micah, are you referring to a situation where players can't move and they may be (somewhat) randomly distributed around the field, such as a foul? You have plays designed for these situations?

Were you just referring to a call such as Bob go deep?, or do you have a full set play that can work, even if people are not in preassigned positions?

gapoole said...

Depends on the play and how people are set up. For pull plays, I watch how the defense is coming down and try to figure out which spaces they are giving me or how I'm going to get them to bite on my fake (so I get the space I want). Some stopped-disc play examples from the weekend:

1. I saw that the primary option was in a poor position relative to the stack (defenders would clog), so I established eye contact with the ace before checking the disc in.
2. I stared at the misdirection cut and kept my attention on the mark so I knew when/how to shift him to the break side so my backhand huck would be uncontested.
3. I saw that the primary option was a weaker cutter, so I established eye contact with the next option and kept track of my mark.
4. Off a foul call I saw two spaces, picked two cutters and gave specific instructions to both (using team audibles, so opponents didn't understand).

In general, though, I'm taking in the field as a whole, rather than looking for specific things. It's like assessing chess or 9-ball--after a while, you start to see a progression and don't have to talk yourself through each step as much. You get used to recognizing what's available, I think. We teach players to look upfield, then ace, then dump, but I think you have to be more dynamic--especially when a good defense is going to take away your first and second options, you can't slog through a checklist if you want to exploit what's open.

Ian said...

Well said, gapoole.

Anonymous said...

WRT tabata lunges.
I try to do forward/side lunges at 45 degrees, for every other set of 20 seconds.
I also incorporate a catching motion with these (though not with the straight forward lunges; not sure why): thumbs up, thumbs down, and clap. And depending on the type of catch, i will (hopefully constructively) alter my upper body mechanics. For example, a thumbs up catch will have me lunge while incorporating a forward lean at the hips to replicate a game motion/function.
The count for these lunges are less by only ~1 per 20 second set, when compared to forward, non-catching movement lunges.

dusty.rhodes said...


I do lunges in other directions at other times. I'll do tabatas of those other angles and everything as well, but not on the same day-- I like to really dial in on one motion when I'm training.

The interesting thing is that I tend to focus on keeping a completely quiet upper body when I do all of them. I try to stay balanced and upright with good posture. I find that it challenges my muscles in unique ways to do so and that when I then move in similar ways on the field, I feel powerful yet balanced.

Weird, I know.

The rest of y'all:
Good discussion. Thanks for sharing. You've said nearly all of what I was thinking already. The remainder are trade secrets and crazy ideas anyway. I'll need to see your secret handshake before I share.

The Pulse said...

Space and matchups. Where is the space and who has a favorable matchup? Call that person to that space.

Also, play calls generally mean poaches, at least out here, so some general eye contact with the dump is good.