Monday, July 9


I might be old now.

I played in a summer league game tonight. I'm not sure why. It was a 15-14 loss to Team Black. I was exhausted at the beginning of the game. It was worse at the end. My fourth straight day of ultimate was a bit much, methinks.

Plus, it was my damn birthday. But I had previously said I would be there. It was also a celebration for Jimmy's birthday (which we also celebrated at Mars). Sadly, someone brought cupcakes instead of beer for the birthday boys. Grave error. Let the people drink beer, not eat cake! Damn!

This loss kinda sucked, but whatever. Summer league is a funny thing when you're a exhausted. You still have to perform well, but the urge to win just isn't as strong for the majority of the game because it is still just Summer League, y'know? I mean, I played pretty hard and pretty well, but it just doesn't even matter, really. We'll make the playoffs and earn a first round bye (unless we really mess up-- even then, the more games we play in a day, the larger the role I get to play) so why kill myself for each victory? Try to make enough space on the field for the team to improve. Let the other players make plays.

Summer League-- it's a spot to play some ultimate.

In other news, I can't believe I'm 27...
Workout Total:
90 min ultimate


Mackey said...

And to think, it was only 6 years ago that a 21-year old Dusty Rhodes was RA for a bright-eyed 14-year old at Skidmore. Or perhaps I should say it was 6 long years ago?

The second session kids still name the stacked camper team after you, you know. (This year's team was the first to defy "tradition" and go with a generic one instead). I'm looking forward to thrashing them in a couple days.

Hope your knees hold up in their 27th year, old man.

dusty.rhodes said...

I think that was the year that I drove to Philly one night for a Phish show... And was subsequently unable to pay the toll to get off of the NY Thruway as the sun was rising...

I could be wrong, but that was a blast.

Good heavens, something about a steam roller running over Ethan and Dusty was the start of that madness... I think there may have been an *actual* steamroller involved.

CTY is so damn unique. I am still awaiting an email update from on how the otherside of the experience has treated you...

Mackey said...

I'll shoot you an email when this session's all done.

For now, suffice to say it's been good, and a lot of fun, but decidedly different. I look at the kids with their memory books and nevermore pages, and I think to myself "that used to mean a hell of a lot to me once." In a way, I wish it still did.

dusty.rhodes said...

Sounds about how I remember it... Except I only spent 2 years as a camper (In Lancaster) and then 3 as a staffer. I found the second go-round to be much more fun.

Oh, if you have a sweet tooth (I had mine surgically removed before it lead to death), drop by Putnam Market and pick up my single favorite bad for me cookie experience: The Raspberry Macaroon. Fantastically Phenomenal, but pretty much more than one man can bear. It was my one step better than the surprisingly and surpassingly tasty Raspberry Pie that was served in the dining hall just often enough to keep me excited about its appearances...

All the other thousand questions I have about your experience and thoughts I'll ask either via email or when next we meet.