Tuesday, July 3

Agility Battle for Dominance!

Track today.

Plyo workout of last week (minor changes in reps) followed by Tabata (8x20sec on/10sec off) Pushups straight into Tabata Squats. That was a solid workout.

Well, it actually started with my city-interval run over to the park. What, might you ask, is that? Well, when you're running in NYC, you are constantly confronted by stoplights and don't walk signs. This can be frustrating if you're focused on keeping your rhythm and droning ahead forever. It can be awesomely useful (and even a little fun) if you're more creative.

The run takes 15-17 minutes, and for the duration, I'm always trying to beat the next light. If I don't, I stand patiently at the corner waiting for the next opportunity to sprint. Rests seem to average 7-12 seconds with an occasional 15-20 second rest. Runs tend to last 20sec to 3 minutes. All of this is variable dependent upon traffic, weather, pedestrians, whatever. Essentially, each run is 15 minutes of random-interval running. Each section when I'm actually running is done at near-max intensity and each rest section is just standing and looking around. The start-stop nature (especially when combined with dodging pedestrians and the like) seems to more closely mimic actually playing a sport. I alos dig the looks I get as a slalom through groups of people with a grin on my face.

as I got there and get into the workout, I eventually noticed some PoNY guys doing agility-ladder work. Nice. I've been thinking about getting one of those, but I'm not sure how necessary it is-- can't I do those drills without the equipment? We'll see as I complete designs on what I'm doing workout-wise for the rest of the summer. I'm very excited about the way everything is coming together training-wise in 07. I can already feel that this will be my best season yet.
Workout Total:
15 min Interval Run
30 min Explosive Lower Body
8 min Upper/Lower Interval

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Andy said...

I do the same thing except I jog in place at don't walks. Dodging pedestrians is fun too, I especially like running up behind them as fast as possible but also as quietly as possible - it scares the bejesus out of them (they didn't need bejesus in there anyway).