Wednesday, July 4

Game-Time Decision

This morning at ~7:20am it was decision time.

Go to Philly and play in a hat tournament, or BBQ in Harlem? Hat tournament has the advantage of ultimate in the summer with no cares. BBQ in Harlem has the advantage of many great friends and ChefJeff's latest stylings. ALWAYS good.

Back and Forth. See my brother and go with Julie? See my NYU pals and BBQ? BBQ? I love BBQ! Ultimate? I love that too!

At about 7:25am I finally made up my mind. Let's be really dumb and go to Philly. That'll put my week as: Mon: Summer League, Tues: Workout, Wed: Hat Tourney, Thurs: Drive to Mars, Fri-Sun: Mars, Bitches.

I, the last minute early-morning drive sub, drove down, got a little lost (For some reason I thought we were going to the Marlton Fields. 20/20 reason: I'm an idiot.) and listened to Phish from 7/4/00 in Camden. It turns out that Will and I were both at the show. Nice. That was the night they wouldn't let me off of the NY State Thruway at ~4am because I didn't have enough change to pay the toll. After driving for 5 hours, hanging out for a couple of hours, seeing a show and driving nearly 5 hours back, I was exhausted. Stupid Tolls. I eventually was given a ticket to pay. Oddly, in order to pay the ticket, one had to get back on the NY State Thruway. I didn't do that for a while out of spite.

Back to present day. We arrived and Julie and I requested to be on the same team. Why? because Jamie and Lauren were on the same team too. Proceeded to play redball before the first game and see a ton of familiar faces.

As I remember it, we won all three and I only scored one goal on the day. This was a throw from Julie to win our last game 15-14 on double game point after some guy on the other team (Younger Panna?) threw me the disc as Tous cut the other way. Nice.

We ran some zones (Putting myself int he cup to work on some things), I put up a ton of successful swill, and I facilitated the offense pretty well for a rag-tag group. Playing in these affairs is odd as you need to tread the line between caring too much and not caring enough very carefully. Balance between putting up crazy throws and getting everyone involved is key as well. I think we did pretty well as I only played more than 2-3 points in a row a few times. It looked like everyone was pretty wiped at the end of our three games as well. Perfect.

Oh, I threw a heaping handful of leftys today. Including 2-3 for goals. 100% completion thus far (back to practice earlier this season). I think I can break that string at Mars.

I also felt it necessary to deck out in red white and blue. It was the only appropriate attire, if you ask me. I was shocked that more people hadn't used this excuse to dress garishly. What else are non-serious ultimate tourneys for? Just look at Potlatch and Fools Fest. I mean, really...

Drive home was uneventful, except that Julie is still a scary driver. Got home, finally watched Crash and ate some Chinese food for July 4th. I'm a true-merican.
Workout Total:
5 hour Hat Tourney

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John said...

you choose poorly.