Sunday, July 1

Another Rest Day

Felt confident that I'd be active enough over the next week that I would benefit from another rest day today.

Managed to get some stretching in as well (almost always do) and clean up the apartment a bit. Why? Ultimate season is so damn messy. I come home from summer league twice per week with nasty clothes, separate workouts 2-4 times per week and practice/tournament once per week. Sometimes I'm on the redeye back for work on Monday. Sometimes a 5-10 hour drive. Sometimes just a 90 minute commute. Sometimes Sometimes.

Each time I come back with disgusting clothes, sweat-drenched shoes, massive hunger, aches, cuts/scrapes, tweaked something or other. "Just Maintain" is what I tell myself. Just keep your apartment/life organized enough to function and the rest will take care of itself. Resist the obsessive neat-freak urges and get some damn sleep. Sleep deeply and prepare for the onslaught of tomorrow.

Added tangent: If your shoes stink/or if you have really sweaty feet or if you always play in wet weather, consider this solution. If you dry your shoes out just after your workout/practice/tournament, they're bone dry and not stinky in ~8 hours. After ~4, they're mostly dry. The best part? Your shoes are ever-so-slightly warm if you take them right off of the dryer and put them on your feet. Perfect for dumbasses like me who go to things like PADA Mosh. Which is a fantastic tournament and has, of late, had fantastic weather. It is, however, less dumb than that Frozen Disc of Death lunacy in NH.
Workout Total:
20 min stretching

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gapoole said...

The worst for me was when I broke my wrist. My dorm just...collected. All my shit piled up because I couldn't pick things up easily to put them away, and I took full advantage of the excuse. I think the summer is worse, though, because practices clothes can't be worn more than once without exuding an ungodly stench. In the winter, only the bottom layers really have to be changed frequently. This was part of my justification for leaving shorts, shirts, and hoodies all over the bedposts and chairs.