Saturday, June 30

Just Win

Sometimes, even Al Davis gets it right.

We had Pike scrimmage-practice today. Much like practice, but instead of practicing, we just scrimmage in various games to predetermined amounts while split up in teams. Stop worrying about strategy, and dial in on winning. Just a taste of real competition. More battling, for sure, will come as the season progresses.

Today's session was good. There was a ton of fire and desire which had faded from our playing style of late. There was spiking and jawing. My kind of environment. The D team on the first game, 7-3. Then we lost the next 4 games to 3. We closed with a win in a game to 5, I'm pretty sure. Practice Record is slipping, either way. That'll have to be remedied.

Some notions to (re)focus on:

  • Be predictable to your team and unpredictable to your opponent
  • Anticipate Anticipate Anticipate
  • Quick Feet
  • Whole Field
I had some nice throws/pulls. A couple of looks were unnecessarily difficult, which resulted in either tough completions or Ds, and one throw (to Jamie) was completely ludicrous and should not have been contemplated, let alone thrown. Sometimes brothers conspire for maximum stupidity on the field as well as off.

I love long hot summer practices.

Practice Record:
12-8 (Passable at best)
Workout Total:
4 hours ultimate

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