Tuesday, June 26

Breaking News from the Track: This Shit is Hard

Did a track workout in the sweltering heat of NYC this evening.

I felt that it was a matter of manhood to go out and do the workout because I knew well enough that the heat at this level was just a challenge, and not, in fact, a serious health hazard. As I ran over to the track, I felt awful. When I arrived, I saw Zac and Jeff as they were doing 200s or whatever Puppet Regime is up to this week, but did not go over to check it out as I was searching for some objects to jump onto and off of for my plyo workout.

Workout looked like this:

Plyo Workout:
Richochet Jump 3x50
Side-Side Box Jump 4x10
Onto Box Jump 3x8
Low Squat Jump into Jump Lunge 3x5 per leg
1-2-3 Jump 3x5 jumps per leg
30 yard accelerations x4
Consecutive Broad Jumps 3x8
60 seconds rest between sets and exercises

Upper Body Circuit/Interval
4 clap pushups
5 divebombers
6 regular pushups for speed
15 sec rest
4x through

The first section was hard, but not killer. That is, it was just what a plyo workout should be. I knew that my muscles were getting worked over, but I wasn't completely dead for movement, but the muscles/tendons I use to be springy were fatigued. The second part of the workout was a killer. Just try it, trust me. I think in the future, I'll try to do something more like 8x through a 2-3-4 progression with 10 seconds rest. This would approximate a Tabata Interval set while mixing up the exercises for the full duration. On the other hand, I might also collapse and die.

Speaking of the Tabatas, these will become more and more prevalant in my workouts as the Fall Series approaches. Tabata sprints are really hard. Tabata suicides are worse. Tabata-set marking drills are murder. I also like to say Tabata. Just a phenomenal way to train for explosive endurance. Train your body to exert maximum force multiple times!

We got together and threw for a bit after this. I feel like I'm picking up disparate movement patterns from effective throwers and incorporating them into my style as a thrower. It is an odd thing to you notice certain effective little movements or adjustments that great throwers make and then consciously decide that you should be able to do that. My version never quite duplicates the observed version, but I know exactly from whence/whom most of my throws/fakes originated and how they've changed over time to be my version of them. That is, they change slightly to be more effective for my slightly peculiar style of throwing/faking while retaining their basic form.
Workout Total:
30 min Explosive Strength
3 min upper body interval


gapoole said...

What kinds of exercizes have you tried using tabata intervals, other than sprints? I'm looking forward to trying them out, and I'm interested in incorporating them into the weight room. Also, while I understand the basic tabata concept, how are you using it to do suicides? What kind of definite results can you boast?

dusty.rhodes said...

essentially, any exercise that I can do for 20 seconds (or almost 20 sec) is ripe for the picking. I was using running exercises as examples because they're really hard.

others done: many varieties of pushup, burpees, crunches, planks, jump-squats, squats, lunges, pullups (THAT will likely make you sad about yourself), and more.

suicides: set up your cones at whatever distances you prefer (i use 0/15/25/40). set your handy watch to 20/10sec intervals. press "start" and begin running. when it beeps, you stop where you are. 10 brief seconds later, restart your suicide where you stand and go hard.

Bill Mill said...

oh, suicide tabatas, how I hate you.

Also for a fun variation, do serpentines instead of suicides (set up a course of cones you have to cut around). Vicious.

Mackey said...

oooh, tabata suicides!

that sounds like the perfect winter conditioning tool. I am DEFINITELY stealing that for Dartmouth this year (guess who gets to take the training reins in his senior year?).

Other tabatas will make cameos, but that could be a centerpiece.

dusty.rhodes said...


You'll have a whole team despise you.

How goes the summer gig?