Thursday, June 28

Wash It All Away

After the workout, the rains came.

As I walked back to the office to pick up my bag, all I could think about was the water washing everything off of me. The sweat, the fatigue, the negativity that had lurked inside me since Boston. I started feeling clean from it all. The burdens had been lifted.

But as the walk continued, I contemplated the source to which I
attributed my newfound feeling of lightness. Was it actually the rain that had washed everything from my mind? I thought and thought and slowly realized that it wasn't the rain that gave me a clear mind, it was the workout. The rain was just drawing my attention to the feeling.

After the workout, I've covered so many bases in my life. I've put in work for Pike, I've kept myself healthy, I've done something fun and whatever else. More importantly, it removes doubt of my prowess on the field from my mind. I know that I'm putting in the work. I don't need to wonder. When I line up on the field, I can look across to my opponent and know that he has not outworked me. Soon enough, he'll know. I can't worry about getting beat or missing a play from time to time because I know I'm working to make that play next time.

I invest so much of my time to this sport and my team that putting in the work as the season pushes ahead is the least I can do for myself. If I'm going to play this much ultimate, why not be good at it? If my teammates are going to put in this much time, what gives me the right to expect less from myself?
Workout Total:
30 min explosive lower body
12 min whole body circuit
10 min stretching (Should have been longer)


ben h. said...

"After the workout, the rains came..."

I can almost hear George Plimpton in "When We Were Kings". Specifically when he refers to the post-fight (after 8 rounds), "the African rains came."


dusty.rhodes said...

If this blog had a prize, you would win it.

In other words: "Bingo."