Monday, June 25

NYU MVP Matchup

We took on Indigo tonight.

I anticipated a solid matchup between two teams at about the same place in the standings. Indigo is the home of Scott Arnold, Drew Jones, June Bae, Katrina Krasnansky and more. Among the "more" is Jeff Ho, the most gifted NYU ultimate alum, fellow first round draft pick and altogether nasty player.

The first half definitely didn't live up to the hype as we rolled to an early 6-2 lead on some all-around sweet play from our team led by greedy downfield cutting for goals. I think we faltered here for a bit before taking half at either 8-7 or 8-6. My throws were on, but my defense was a little soft. Gotta work that a little more in the second half. It can really be a fun challenge to cover a really good player in summer league because they'll generally be handling and will have a ton of space to work in. Go in and work on every aspect of your defense because the other team will continue throwing to their stud.

Now, this is not the same as making crazy bids and trying to get glory Ds in summer league. That's bush-league. Work on your fundamentals. Try to seal the mark. Work on playing "deny" defense. Try to focus just on your man and see if you can take away his first option every time he gets the disc. If you get an obvious chance to make a clean layout bid, go for it, but don't take the risks that you might in a club game. That's a quick way to get labeled as "no fun."

As the second half got underway, it was clear that they had decided to stay in this game and fight to the bitter end. I got off some nice throws in this part of the game, including a huck that made Rick Kahn look 20 years younger. The game ended in our favor, 15-13. Both teams were missing a ton of people. Next up? Zagoria!
90 minutes ultimate
15 min stretching


Bill Mill said...

Jeff Ho is a great opponent. Back in the day, Harpoon and Blackout had some great matchups, and I often got to (try and) guard him.

Is he playing club these days?

dusty.rhodes said...

Yup. Jeff, that crazy wanderer, is playing with Puppet Regime in 07.

Love playing with/against the guy.